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Grease trap drainage systems

A grease trap is situated in the foul drainage system-usually in commercial premises such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, commercial kitchens and factories. Grease Traps act as filter to remove liquid grease suspensions and food waste to prevent it flowing far from the source and blocking drains with solidified fats.

Water Utility Companies are taking now taking a stronger line against the fouling of sewage systems by fats and oils and may vary commercial discharge licences resulting in greater sewage discharge costs. In addition, letting your grease trap overfill will cause blockages within your own drains due to fat build up.

Clean and unblock drainage systems

County Cleansing can clean your drainage system so that the waste water flows freely. Ensuring your grease traps are kept clear will reduce bad smells and chance of blockages in the future.

The expert team here at County Cleansing can clean your grease traps, pumping away all the grime to leave your drainage system clear so the water can flow freely again.  We can offer you professional advice to reduce the chances of a blockage and to keep your drains clean.

Restore your drainage system to full health with our grease trap emptying service and let us supply you with a planned maintenance schedule.

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